From-Scratch Carrot Cake Cupcakes!

22 Jul

I had extra carrots I had from my first stir fry in the wok PJ gave me. So dur, I made carrot cake. Stole the recipe from The Perfect Pantry. Instead of applesauce, I used plain yogurt, and I just used regular flower rather than whole wheat because I’m cheap. I also used dark brown rather than light brown sugar, because it’s way better – trust me, I’m from Sugar Land.



Mmm, delicious naked carrot cake cupcakes. They smelled so good!! Oh! I forgot to mention I tossed in some chopped in half dried cranberries into about half of them, just to experiment. I used my own secret cream cheese frosting and played around for the first time ever with a piping kit!



Yeah..some are kinda goofy…Don’t laugh, I was experimenting, and I’ve never really done piping before!! Needless to say, these were really good, and they gobbled them down at work and at PJ’s house. Next time, I think I’m gonna use apple sauce instead of yogurt, and throw in some pineapple and pecans for a more Southern vibe, kinda like a Hummingbird Carrot Cake. Definitely¬† yes make this!


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