Homemade Baguette Impregnated with Breakfast Foods

21 Aug

I stole the master recipe from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day on one of my rides to the bookstore. Moohahaha! I also wrote down how to make different types of loaves, and since Vietnamese Taste was outta sandwiches, I decided to turn the last of my dough in a baguette!! Mmm homemade bread for delicious sandwiches.

I had to bake it quite a while longer than the 25 minutes the recipe said – more like 40 or so – but mine was also more than 2 inches in diameter. I wanted to make it kinda wide and flat so it would be good for sandwiches.

Mmm sexy closeup. Little did I know that this innocent little baguette would soon be infiltrated by a breakfast feast of coronary proportions.

From the bottom up: Baguette, scrambled eggs, Rotel, country gravy, buffalo chicken sauce, ham, pastrami, ham, hash browns, cheddar, garlic cheddar, bacon, ranch, baguette

It made me lose my appetite. Good thing it wasn’t for me!


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