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Taking Back the Oven

28 Sep


They’ve been bothering me for ages. You see, me and one of my best friends have been doing cupcakes (I mean, they are our thing) for years – since we were in high school, and I’m in my five and a halfth year in college now. We were excited to see that they were getting popular, so there were more fun cupcakes accessories, more new ideas, more new things to try. However, I feel it has gone overboard, and while I love cupcakes, especially their portability and cuteness, I’m focusing on another idea – taking back cookies.

Yeah, you can go anywhere and get just a cookie, a chocolate chip cookies that tastes like a bunch of chemicals at Great American Cookie Co, one that’s way too dry at Starbuck’s, one that forgot the secret ingredient, salt, at the local burrito place. But I’m taking them back. Cookes are going to be where it’s at. Fancy cookies. Drop cookies. Delicious cookies. Cookies you’ve never thought of. Everyone has a favorite kind of cookie…I think mine is chocolate chip or snickerdoodle or cookie cutter with my mom’s frosting. And I want to remind people why they loved those cookies so much in the first place.

Cookies are so diverse, so many textures, shapes, ingredients, type, sweet, savory, celebratory, even healthy if you dare! So I’m on a mission to expand my cookie reportoire beyond my mom’s classic 3 recipes. I want to try a new recipe each week, but no promises, since I’m still in school. I want to have a list of people who want to try my cookies and give me feedback. I just want to learn and create and take back the cookie from it’s now overshadowed role beneath the cupcake!

I love cupcakes, nothing will stop me from making them, but I think there is going to be a cookie revolution soon – and then bread will follow. Don’t ask, that’s just what I think.


Hippo Cookies

22 Sep

Dang, so I started this post like a month ago…maybe more…I sent these to Sarah for letting me stay with her and carting me all around Austin when I went down there. It was loads of fun! We went toobing and to the Salt Lick and the farmer’s market, and the giant Whole Foods! We ate lunch there on free samples…31. Count ’em:

Anyway, here are the cookies! No recipes for the cookies. It’s my mommy’s secret recipe. The royal icing was just some powdered sugar, corn syrup, vanilla, and milk until it came to the right consistency. I hate royal icing!!

Ooh scandalous, he is naked! I found these cookie cutters at Sur La Table. I also picked up a cactus, a Texas, and a lobster, so look for those soon, too! Rather, I already used those, and sent them off to other people, and didn’t take any pictures. So don’t look for them…

They got there perfectly intact and Sarah liked ’em!! They’ve made me confident in sending out baked goods in the mail, so everyone is getting Halloween cookies this year instead of Christmas. Ok, I lied. I will probably make Christmas cookies too, muahahaha!

By baking my friends fat, I look skinny.