Hippo Cookies

22 Sep

Dang, so I started this post like a month ago…maybe more…I sent these to Sarah for letting me stay with her and carting me all around Austin when I went down there. It was loads of fun! We went toobing and to the Salt Lick and the farmer’s market, and the giant Whole Foods! We ate lunch there on free samples…31. Count ’em:

Anyway, here are the cookies! No recipes for the cookies. It’s my mommy’s secret recipe. The royal icing was just some powdered sugar, corn syrup, vanilla, and milk until it came to the right consistency. I hate royal icing!!

Ooh scandalous, he is naked! I found these cookie cutters at Sur La Table. I also picked up a cactus, a Texas, and a lobster, so look for those soon, too! Rather, I already used those, and sent them off to other people, and didn’t take any pictures. So don’t look for them…

They got there perfectly intact and Sarah liked ’em!! They’ve made me confident in sending out baked goods in the mail, so everyone is getting Halloween cookies this year instead of Christmas. Ok, I lied. I will probably make Christmas cookies too, muahahaha!

By baking my friends fat, I look skinny.


One Response to “Hippo Cookies”

  1. Xiaolu December 9, 2009 at 4:49 am #

    Haha I love that last comment. These are simply adorbs. Hope to see you posting again soon 8).

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