Horneado en el Cuerpo del Cristo Jesus

16 Jan

I visited Sabrina in Corpus for a few days after New Year’s, and it was awesome! She got me a cupcake book with little papers and pastry bags and tips and stencils and sewed me a badass leopard print apron! We saw beer being brewed, went to Tango Tearoom, hung out with everyone at B&J’s, visited the Botanical Gardens to kill a roll of film on her Holga, checked out this awesomeand of course, baked!

Berry Pie with Hazelnut Crust

This is from one of those Love Food books about pie – it had the most beautiful photos, but I can’t find a link to it on Amazon. The crust had ground up hazelnuts and lemon zest in it, and was super easy to make because we took the lazy man’s way and melted the butter. We used frozen raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and currants – it was a frozen Central Market berry medley – for the filling. There was barely enough crust to cover two pies – we made one practice one for us and a nice one to take to her boyfriend.

The finished pies were great! Sabrina is the king of pies (as opposed to king of beers)! The lemon was the perfect secret ingredient, do not leave it out! If I had the recipe I would post it, but again, I can’t even locate the book. I definitely want to make this again for the summertime, maybe experiment with different berries and nuts in the crust.

Strawberry Banana Cupcakes with Mascarpone Frosting

We drank lots of beers at B&J’s and of course when we got back I was bad an coerced Sabrina into baking again. This time it was strawberry banana cupcakes with mascarpone frosting. We frankesteined the Sprinkles strawberry cupcake recipe by cutting down the butter but the amount of mashed banana we added (1/2 banana) and throwing in some almond extract. We ran out of regular sugar and replaced the rest with brown. They came out perfect! Perfect texture, so moist, great flavor.

For the mascarpone frosting, I dumped the whole tub into a bowl and mixed in almond extract, vanilla, soy milk, and powdered sugar until it got to a nice consistency (secret ingredient: a dash of salt). It paired perfectly with the cake and wasn’t too heavy at all – mascarpone is my favorite type of frosting now! I left a few unfrosted for Sabrina (she can’t have cheese), but didn’t manage to get any photos of them. She took 9 to her boyfriend’s house and they were pretty much gone by the time she got back home!


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