CCCC: Chocolate Chip Cookie Clash

18 Jan

When you really get down to it, I think chocolate chip cookies are my favorite cookies of all time. I could tell you why in a lot of descriptive terms, but I only need one – delicious. I’ve always heard it’s good to let them chill overnight, but let’s face it, who has that kind of patience? Better yet, baking the dough? Who has that kind of patience?!

Anyway, my original baking partner in crime, Deborah, got Ad Hoc sometime over the holidays and decided we should try Thomas Keller’s Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. I figured, he’s a Keller, baking must run in the family, plus I’ve heard these are amazing. I was excited – they involved demerera sugar and two different types of chocolate. Deborah had already picked up all the ingredients, so we got to measure the dry and wet and chopping the chocolate with one of her Shun knives (yes, I have three, also). Some interesting points: The butter was put in cold, and I think this made it not quite so creamy with mixed with the sugar. Also, he said to sift out the little tiny bits of chocolate that flake off when you’re chopping it – good idea, big chunks only!

Let me tell you, this dough smelled absolutely fantastic. It was the sugar. It smelled like butter and honey mixed together and tasted great. Unfortunately, Deborah is still bad luck when it comes to chocolate chip cookies (the Bittman disaster), and these spread like crazy. They were very thin  and crispy on the edges, chewy in the middle. There was too much chocolate in both of our opinions, and while the mix of two different types was spot on, we will definitely cut down the amount of chocolate next time. When we did get a bit of the actual cookie part, it was really good. But next time, we are definitely chilling it and adding a couple more tablespoons of flour to make them less spready. We are both fluffy cookie girls.

A couple of days later, I got the itch while at Anthropologie looking at sale dresses and called up Gaby to come over and bake chocolate chip cookies. We watched Sweeney Todd while we were baking…appropriate. We grabbed some Callebaut 30% milk, 72.5% dark, and white chocolate in various disk and chunk forms from Whole Foods and set out with The Best New Recipes chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Got a little story for ya Ags. Down at that little apartment down the road, two Ags were makin’ chocolate chip cookies. They pulled ’em out of the oven, and one of ’em said “That’s the best cookie I’ve ever eaten” and from that day forward, that was her cookie recipe. And she compared all others to it and still talks ’bout ’em to this day. Seriously. I had never had a cookie that good in my life. They have never been quite as good as that first time I baked them with Amy, and forever we will have that special night. We still talk about it and I can never make them without thinking of her. In fact…I had talked to her just the night before we baked these!

Long story short, these were really really really good! All the chocolates paired well together, and Bucky even mentioned something about white chocolate and peanut butter chips for next time. They would have been perfect if I hadn’t realized we had 8 lbs of butter in the fridge hiding behind everything, so I used butter flavored Crisco instead. Mortal enemy!! I binged on 4 at lunchtime, and then ran 3 miles. Really. Try this recipe. Please. I implore you. A perfectly chunky soft fluffy chocolate chip cookie. Love.

Yeah…I’m not going to post it, because I can’t find it online, and I love this recipe so much that I think you should just go copy it down from the bookstore or the library.

Tomorrow…Vegan Lemon Bars. The little bar that couldn’t.


One Response to “CCCC: Chocolate Chip Cookie Clash”

  1. Ella January 20, 2010 at 4:17 pm #

    I can still taste ’em.

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