Crack Cookies

28 Jan

I went to Bryan for a few days to visit friends, check out the skate contest and a few bands, and fix shit up. Oh and apparently bake 3 batches of these Alexis’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies. For the same household. Three. Days. In. A. Row. I’m not complaining. Sorry, no photos, just info for today!

Classic Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

I used Martha’s recipe from her Cookies book (surprise, surprise). I halved it, and it made about 3 dozen, maybe a little more, T-rex and triceratops cookies. I colored them vivid purple and green and used an adapted version of her Royal Icing (just subbed more powdered sugar for the meringue powder and threw in 1/2 tsp almond extract) to decorate them with eyeballs, bloody teeth, claws, and fancy stripey designs on their backs. Some even wore undies! I took them to work and Shelia ate all of them, leaving one cookie for the rest of the store to fight over. Cassie already Facebooked me for the recipe. And they disappeared in a flash at the contest and PJ’s house. So if you’re a little tired of your sugar cookie recipe, I’d definitely say try these out. They held their shapes very nicely and weren’t puffy, so they were really nice for frosting. By themselves, a little bland, but throw in some almond extract, and it punches up the deliciousness of the cookie, as well as the frosting! In fact, they asked me to make a second batch, which disappeared the next day!

Alexis’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies

It started out innocently enough. PJ’s mom had been searching for recipes for us to bake while I visited and came across this one on Martha’s site. They looked really thin. I mean, really thin. Check out the picture. I’m a fluffy chocolate chip cookie girl, you guys know this!! But I’m always up for trying a new CCC recipe, so I started out by halving this one. 1 lb butter. 3 cups brown sugar. Holy hell. These are fucking spectacular. You don’t even know. Go to the store. Buy all their butter and Imperial Light Brown Sugar. And make these cookies. They barely lasted til the next morning, and they requested I make another full batch that night, and those were gone the next evening, when PJ requested yet ANOTHER BATCH! He never ever eats cookies, not his thing, but he was a vacuum cleaner with these. Jason was wolfing them down, too. Everyone was, me, Nana, mama, Cowboy John. Seriously. They spread like crazy, so put them very far apart, but they are fantastic. The edges get crispy and carmelized, like candy, while the inside stays soft and chewy. They don’t even need chips. We did two batches with chocolate chips and peanut butter chips, and another with chocolate chips and Heath brickle bits, with marshmallows pressed on after baking (like s’mores). They were amazing. I brought home 6 for my parents. Within two hours of them getting home, they were gone. MAKE THESE. SERIOUSLY. I got twice as many cookies as she said I would from the recipe, which is a good thing, because you will need them. MAKE THESE.

I think the secret ingredient is crack.

Satan compels you.


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