Ice Cream Adventure

30 Jan

Oh yeah! In case you didn’t see, my Mexican Hot Chocolate Snickerdoodles photo made it to Foodgawker about two weeks ago! Yes.

I feel sorry for whoever my brother marries because she could never be as cool as my sister-in-law. And if she is, well, goddamn, I never knew the best family could get any better. But onto Ice Cream Adventure. I really need to charge my camera or figure out what’s wrong with my 70’s AE-1.

Ben and Jerry’s, trucked in from a factory to a storefront. Dang, it sucks – it just tastes like frozen. Nonetheless, I still let a certain boy take me out to Free Cone Day that first time it rolled around without opening my mouth.

Ben and Jerry’s, fresh made at home from their cookbook with one of your best friends and a brand new Kitchenaid ice cream maker attachment. Dang, it’s fantastic!

We used the sweet cream base recipe – 2 cups cream, 1 cup milk, 3/4 cup sugar, and two eggs, simply whisked together until blended, then thrown into the ice cream maker for us to ooh and aah over as I crushed Mint Creme Oreos to throw in. Let me tell you, this was one of the best ice cream combos I’ve ever tried. Simple as hell, too. How come no one has capitalized on this mint cookies ‘n cream thing? Mint Oreos > peppermint extract, plus they are green!! Next time – and there is definitely going to be a next time – I will freeze the Oreos before crushing them – the creamy center actually was quite creamy, so a lot of is smooshed out into the crushing bag and didn’t make it into the ice cream. I thusly flipped the bag inside out and licked off all the cream.

I totally favored a sweet cream base with these as opposed to a yummy rich vanilla base. But as always, I would have subbed more milk for cream, or some half-n-half, because homemade ice cream always seems to coat my mouth in fat. Yes. Butter grosses me out. Yet I eat the hell outta cookies. Go figure.

Coming up next: Rose’s Chocolate Genoise Cake with Amaretto Syrup and Strawberry Whipped Cream for someone awesome’s birthday!!



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