Hospitality Room Baking

24 Mar

So one of my best friends got married March 6th, and asked me to do some baking for her hospitality room. I gladly agreed, forgetting about all the obligations a bridesmaid has the week of the wedding, too. I decided to get a leg up on the job and prepare all the cookie doughs in advance, so that the day before, all I would have to do is bake them off, bake the brownies and lemon bars, and decorate the sugar cookies. All together I’d say I only worked about 6 hours that day, and that included a botched batch of brownies! I delivered with 240 peices!

I made chocolate chip cookies using my favorite Best New Recipes recipe with milk and semisweet Callebaut chocolate chunks. Oooh that chocolate is so good! Hershey’s chips…spleck. Even Ghirardelli can’t hold a candle to it. I still have some left over in the fridge for another day when I decide to make some more cookies, or decorate something with mini chunks. These guys were small, perfect little tablespoons and baked up picture perfect! Donuts wanted in on the action, as usual. I mixed them up a few days early, rolled them, and froze them.

She also wanted some frosted sugar cookies, so I used Martha’s recipe and cut out plain circles with a biscuit cutter, and cut little hearts into some of them. I saved the hearts…they were like donut holes!! Frosted them with bootleg (aka no meringue powder or egg white) royal icing in pink and red. Circles were frosted solid and had little white heart sprinkles in the middle. Mmmm.

Brownie bites were next…I had a bit of an adventure with these. I had tried about 3 or 4 different recipes and settled on my tried and true favorite from AllRecipes, with a tablespoon of espresso powder thrown in. Mmm fudgy > cakey. And chewy? Um gag. However, I screwed up and put too much batter in the cups and they poofed over the edge, so I tossed them and had to make another batch. I wanted that poured ganache smooth top kind of look. The second batch came out perfect! I think I heard the most raves about these! I made a ganache-y sorta frosting with powdered sugar and melted semisweet chocolate and just poured it on until it completely covered the brownie and topped it with a little heart sprinkle. Sorry…only got a photo on the camera phone.

Last but certainly not least were the lemon bars. I used all regular lemons this time (I know, someone who will not be mentioned thinks that just because they’re a special kind of lemon and blahblah uses them and they are more expensive that they are better, but I wanted these to be really lemony, and lets face it, you’re not gonna get that lemon pucker using a mandarin/lemon hybrid fruit!), and was really satisfied with the tartness. I cooked the base and the custard longer this time, and they were really nicely set and cut perfectly. People really like these, with lots of people saying it was their favorite out of all the desserts!

So all in all, I think years of my mom’s Christmas baking prepared me for this pretty well, and everyone liked the treats, so it was a success! Definitely looking forward to doing more things like this in the future! Not in the words of Henry Rollins, I am a machine!


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