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Sarita’s Birthday Cake!

5 Apr

Ok, ok, cake in a second…but first, I’ve been blogged!! My friend Tina‘s sister Kathy has random cravings for the chewy chocolate ginger cookies that I make, so last time Tina was in town, I gave her some to take to her sister (dur, and to nom on on her way back to Austin). They photo-ed them (yes, I am lazy and turned photo into a verb) and they look awesome! Both these girls have loads of Foodgawker-worthy photos on their blogs and Flickrs. Kathy makes the most awesome cake pops (dude check out the fur on these puppy pops) and was featured in the Austin Statesman. And now I will stop using so many asides (the things in parentheses).

Sarita is my sister-in-law who is totally awesome and super fun and probably the most perfect person that could come along to fit in our family. We all love her and she’s into cool stuff like going to shows and being all crafty and artsy and photography-y. It was her birthday in March, so I decided to make her a badass birthday cake. Here is what came of it.

I know she likes pistachio almond ice cream, and also yummy citrus flavors, so I decided to switch up the almond chiffon cake and throw in some ground up pistachios instead of almonds, keeping the almond extract. Pistachio-almond cake! I brushed it with almond simple syrup, and put orange preserves and orange whipped cream between the layers. Oh yeah. Three layers. This cake was sky high! Like 6 inches!

Aww look at the birthday girl! I couldn’t ask for a better sister. We had lots of good food and even PJ came down!  She got a whole new crop of plants, herbs, and flowers to plant in her garden after everything got killed in the freezes this winter. She was stoked! And that was the day me and PJ rode around downtown with dude from over at Houston Fixed Gear. It was probably the most fun day I’ve had this whole year.

A couple weeks later, Bulldog and Sarita went on vacation to Jackson Hole, and I took care of the boys, Toby and Lyle. Lyle gets a little extra bowl of kitty kibbles on top of the kitchen table because Toby is a chunky boy and eats Lyle’s kibbles. Anyway, Toby and Lyle made them a little welcome home treat – yellow cupcakes with tangelo buttercream and Welcome Home spelled out in cookies! You can tell it’s from them because it said meow!! I heard these were very yummy…maybe I need to team up with Toby and Lyle on a project…no tuna cakes!!

Ok, I am lazy, but I do want to say the Easter mango tart was a huge success, I rode 12+ miles today on my fixie, and  my aunt and I are waiting on our homemade strawberry-lemon marshmallows to set. Hope everyone had a good Easter aka Zombie Jesus Day!!