Happy Birthday Katherine!

8 Jun

Amanda and I made a cake for a girl’s 15th birthday this weekend. It’s totally my favorite cake so far! Her mom called wanting a two tiered chocolate one like the Republicake, so we priced that for her, and she got all cheapo on us (apparently she’s a rich lady) and decided on a single tier many layer white cake with vanilla buttercream covered in white fondant.

Oh shit. Fondant.

Seriously, thanks Food Network for making everyone think fondant is some simple thing to use, and that it’s normal to have it on every cake instead of just wedding cakes now. That stuff is a pain in the ass! But it went on better this time, and there were only a few spots to cover up. Dude it doesn’t even taste good!

We also got to play with gum paste for the first time! That stuff is awesome! I need to pick up a tub for myself and some little tools and stuff.

Ooh and one of those grass piping tips! That was fun, too!

I hope Katherine liked this cake – her mom didn’t even know her own daughter’s favorite color! She got one hell of a deal on it too – 4 tiered cake, decorated with fondant and gum paste for  $60. That’s why we were lazy on the butterflies hehehe.

The way the petals are bent out give it a really cool dimensionality that just flat or piped flowers wouldn’t have – I think that’s my favorite part! It has cool shadows. We were definitely stoked with how this one turned out!


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